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Toyota Butuan City

Address: National Highway, Libertad, Butuan City 8600

Phone: (085) 815-0348 / (085) 341-8980

Toyota Cagayan de Oro City

Address: KM. 2 National Hwy. Kauswagan Cagayan de Oro City, 9000 Misamis Oriental

Phone: (088) 858-9994 / 858-7770

Toyota Dipolog City


Toyota Iligan City

Address: Purok Vanda, Brgy. Acmac, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Phone: (063) 224 7480

Toyota Valencia City

Address: P17A Sayre Highway, Hagkol Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon

Phone: (063) 224 7480

toyota zamboanga

Toyota Zamboanga City

Address: Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Hwy, Zamboanga, 7000 Zamboanga del Sur

Phone: (062) 957-1577

Wherever you need to go, trust that a durable and reliable Toyota can get you there. From July 2-31, 2020, Toyota Motor Philippines is offering value for money deals which will help you get moving with your dream Toyota. Flexible financing, outright cash discounts, and other offers are available this month on well-loved Toyota models.

Get a Vios with up to P125,000 savings or light monthly payments for as low as P6,571 per month. Customers also get 5-year Warranty when they purchase a G Prime, E Prime, G, E, or XLE variant of the locally-assembled Vios.

Offers are also available for the Corolla Altis, Avanza, Rush, Innova, Fortuner, and Hiace. Hiace. Savings are also offered for the Hilux, with as much as P80,000 discount on the 4×4 G MT variant.

Aside from these offers, customers may also get free Periodic Maintenance Services up to 20,000KMS for participating variants of the Vios, Corolla Altis, Rush, Innova, Fortuner, Hilux, and FMC Hiace or free 1 year comprehensive insurance when they purchase the New Wigo.

Trade-in rebates are also available when you trade in your vehicle for a Toyota. Get as much as P40,000 rebate when you trade-in your vehicle for a Corolla Altis, P35,000 for a Vios, and P20,000 rebate is also available for the Innova, Fortuner, Avanza, Wigo, Rush, Pre-FMC Hiace Commuter, and Hilux (except for PUV, Cab & Chassis, and FX). The rebates can be used on top of existing promos, and may also be used to purchase accessories.


Promotion coverage is nationwide, encompassing the Toyota Motor Philippines’ dealer network.

  • Three options to choose from:
    • PAY LOW (All-in Package)
      • All-in Cash Out as low as 15% DP
      • Free 1st year insurance
      • Free 3 year LTO Registration
      • No Chattel Mortgage (Finance Lease)
      • Low Monthly Plans
      • 50% Down payment
      • 60 Months to Pay
      • Outright cash discount

Promo runs from July 2-31, 2020:


Pay Low at

₱ 103,200 For Vios J M/T

Pay Light at

₱ 6,571 For Vios J M/T

Cash Savings
₱ 125,000.00-1.5 G Prime CVT
₱ 80,000.00-1.5 G CVT
₱ 70,000.00-1.5 G M/T
₱ 25,000.00-1.3 E Prime CVT
₱ 10,000.00-1.3 E Prime M/T
₱ 50,000.00-1.3 E CVT
₱ 35,000.00-1.3 XLE CVT
₱ 50,000.00-1.3 E M/T
₱ 65,000.00-1.3 XLE M/T
₱ 50,000.00-1.3 XE CVT
₱ 30,000.00-1.3 J M/T
WIGO(MC) Pay Low at
₱ 105,000.00 -TRD S A/T
₱ 98,700.00 – G A/T
₱ 93,450.00 – G M/T
₱ 85,200.00 – E M/T
Pay Light at

₱ 6,023 For 1.0 E M/T


Pay Light at

₱ 10,141 For 1.6 E MT


Pay Low at

₱ 111,450 For 1.3 J M/T

Pay Light at

₱ 7,378 For 1.3 J M/T

Cash Savings
₱ 30,000.00 G AT
₱ 30,000.00-Veloz
₱ 30,000.00-G MT
₱ 30,000.00-E AT
₱ 30,000.00-E MT
₱ 30,000.00-J MT

Pay Light at

₱ 10,127 For 1.5 E MT

Cash Savings
₱ 15,000.00-G AT
₱ 15,000.00-E AT
₱ 15,000.00-E MT

Pay Light at

₱ 10,540 For 2.0 J Gas MT

Cash Savings
₱ 10,000.00-V DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-G DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-G DSL MT
₱ 10,000.00-Touring DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-Touring DSL MT
₱ 10,000.00-G Gas AT
₱ 10,000.00-E DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-E DSL MT
₱ 10,000.00-E Gas AT
₱ 10,000.00-E Gas MT
₱ 30,000.00-J DSL MT
₱ 30,000.00-J Gas MT

Pay Low at

₱ 244,950 For 4×2 G Dsl MT

Pay Light at

₱ 16,342 For 4×2 G Dsl MT

Cash Savings
₱ 30,000.00- 4×4 V DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- 4×2 V DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- TRD DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- G DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- G DSL MT
₱ 30,000.00-G Gas AT

Pay Low at

₱ 140,850 For 4×2 J Dsl MT

Pay Light at

₱ 9,066 For 4×2 J Dsl MT

Cash Savings
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 CONQUEST AT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 CONQUEST MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 G AT
₱ 80,000.00- 4X4 G MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 E MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X2 CONQUEST AT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X2 CONQUEST MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X2 G AT
₱ 50,000.00-4X2 G MT
₱ 50,000.00-4X2 E MT
₱ 50,000.00-4X2 J DSL MT

Pay Low at

₱ 222,000 For Commuter 

Pay Light at

₱ 14,904 For Commuter 

Cash Savings

₱ 50,000 For Commuter 


Pay Light at

₱ 16,993 For Commuter Deluxe

Cash Savings
₱ 15,000.00- GL Grandia AT
₱ 15,000.00- GL Grandia MT
₱ 30,000.00- Commuter Deluxe 2.8 M/T


Promo is available in Toyota Cagayan de Oro City.

Promo runs from July 2-31, 2020.



0% Interest on selected terms


15% DP, P353,459 for 12 mos.

Prominence Red

50% DP, P207,917 for 12 mos.

15% DP, P357,709 for 12 mos.


50% DP, P210,417 for 12 mos.

15% DP, P357,709 for 12 mos.

Lightning Yellow

50% DP, P210,417 for 12 mos
20% DP, P339,334 for 12 mos. Matte Gray

50% DP, P212,084 for 12 mos.



  • Participating Models:

    All brand new Toyota Models stated in the table below. Given that the unit is purchased from any authorized Toyota Dealers nationwide




    Prime, G, E and XLE variants

    Corolla Altis

    All variants


    All variants


    V, G, E and Touring Sport


    4×2 variants


    Conquest, G and E variants

    Hiace (FMC)

    GL Variants

  • Promo Duration: July 2-31, 2020

  • Promo Mechanics:

    • Customer is entitled to a FREE Periodic Maintenance Service when they purchase any of the participating models-variants during the promo period.

    • Upon release of the vehicle, the Customer will receive a document containing the following details:

      • Vehicle Model

      • Conduction Sticker Number

      • Chassis Number

      • Engine Number

      • Quotation on the Periodic Maintenance Packages you may avail of.

    • Customer must present the warranty booklet, free PMS letter and VSI/VDN of the vehicle when availing of the promo

    • Basic Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) parts and job items using Toyota Genuine Motor oil (Mineral Oil) based on Periodic Maintenance (PM) Menu. Total of five (5) Periodic Maintenance Service: 1K PM, 5K PM, 10K PM, 15K PM and 20K PM.

    • Price of oil included in the package is based on the cost for Toyota Genuine Mineral Oil. Should the customer choose to upgrade to either Toyota Semi or Fully-Synthetic Motor Oils, the value on top of the price of mineral oil will be shouldered by the customer.

    • Replacements of wear and tear parts are not included in the package, any other parts, lubricants, products and/or service availed by customer during Free PMS that is/are not included in the Basic PM parts and job items will be charged to customer’s account.

    • Price protected from future parts, labor, and materials price increase.

    • Customer may avail of the FREE Periodic Maintenance Package December 31, 2022 only.

    • Customers should not skip any maintenance from 1-20K KM as free PMS package may be void.

    • Free PMS promo is not convertible to cash and not transferable.

    • This promo is valid in Toyota Cagayan de Oro City, Toyota Butuan City, Toyota Iligan City, & Toyota Valencia City.