Toyota Insure

Toyota Insure, Toyota Motor Philippines’ newly-developed program is an exclusive insurance service program that will further add value to the whole Toyota customer experience. This program allows customers to appreciate Full-Coverage insurance policies at competitive premium rates. Similar to other Toyota support businesses such as Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, Toyota Insure was established to provide a high level of customer satisfaction which is always top priority for Toyota.

This new program is offered to customers who are buying a new vehicle and who are renewing their insurance policies. The Toyota Insure gives an even higher level of assurance that goes beyond the vehicle in itself. Additional items like the Personal Accident Insurance will also be available in the said coverage program. Bannering the Toyota name, customers can be assured of the Insurance program, just like all other Toyota products and services.

Toyota Insure is in partnership with Malayan Insurance Company, Charter Ping-An Insurance Company and other insurance company. (See images below)

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