Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials and their experience here in Toyota Cagayan de Oro.

The sales agent was so very articulate & very accommodating quickly assessed every client's inquiries & fast approval of application(Car loan).
Repair & car maintenance so conveniently satisfied.
Toyota Best!

With prayer room for us Muslim & served snacks while waiting with music band vocalist.

Ms.Mae ,Thank you.

Ramla Paporo Radia

I like the people there the way they approached and talked to their client. The sales agent were very friendly. I like their Location because it's in the high way.

Ainah Ampang Datumanong Tomanor

They are all approachable. Especially our agent Nel Meliton. 5 thumbs-up to you Nel and Toyota CDeO. Looking forward to have more transactions with you guys. God bless.

Rye Pm

I'm really impressed to the management of Toyota Cagayan de Oro Inc.,
for the Masjid (prayer) area they set apart for muslims like me, who are practising Islam.
In shaa Allah(by the will of Allah) you're will have a REWARD for this.
Thank you so much.
Jazakallahu khaiyran(my Allah Reward you)
Also the free sweets they have for the kids.
Thank you for the Politeness & for replacing the broken glass on our car.
Thank you!

Faishalia bint'Hussein

Very satisfactory and accommodating excellent performance !

Romy Dolor

Very accommodating. Good in performance. Keep it up guys

Wian Grace Garlit Antiola