TCO History

Our Chairman Story

Before any franchise dealers were established in Mindanao, Toyota’s Vehicle sales were directly handled either by Metro Manila dealers or the one in Cebu. As the number of units naturally grew by the years, the needs for servicing, parts replacement and even repeat-sales were strongly felt.

It took various interested parties to apply for a Toyota dealership just to fill the wide-ranging needs of the customers. The problem was quite a big concern that had left much to be desired even with the presence of Toyota Davao. In other words, customers from Mindanao’s northern and western parts had to continue clamoring for more accessible centers.

Driven by her intention of making a contribution to bridge the gap between Toyota and customers, Our Chairman came into the picture. Likewise she has observed that all the car manufacturing companies have arrived in Cagayan de Oro City, Except Toyota

For a gifted businesswoman that has led her marketing group to the pole position of selling Goodyear tires, Ramcar batteries and other accessories, the next target is heading a car dealership business. Setting for no less than the best n her business she would go for her next project provided it must be Toyota and nothing else.

Hence as early as 1992, The Chairman embarked on her Toyota dealership quest that was marred by several challenging circumstances, ironies and even near misses. She recalled having to walk alone, with her high heeled shoes and under the big hot sun, as her borrowed car broke down almost close to an important TMPC appointment.

During her earlier visits she would also be mistaken either as the husband’s advance party or his representative that left her wondering if it was among TMPC’s dealership requirements to have a husband.

At times she had to sleep at three or four in the morning just to complete some needed requirements and chase planes just to reach Manila for some important meetings. However, according to TCO’s EVP and General Manager, “If something is intended for someone, then no matter what he or she will really have it in the end.”

True, for their group eventually received the awards of dealership from a rich field of at least fifteen other eager groups of aspirants. Again true, for originally and at several times fronted at becoming the General Manager, but had to agree finally in the spirits of serving the best interest on the company and the customers.

The Chairman and the rest of TCO’s Board members have consistently been united even as they had to undergo a series of credit checking and double-checking, character and background investigations, site visitations and inspections and the like.

So through was TMPC’s research work that even the Chairman’s sleeping and waking hours are no longer a secret to them. In between those procedures and formalities there were some intriguing lulls and patient waiting. Nevertheless, all those hardships and excitements ended with a final interview some time in AUGUST 1995 and on March 20, 1996 the provisional agreement was signed between TMP and TCO.

Soon after the building contracts were inked, the site construction works were set to a full blast. With the Chairman at the helm of Toyota’s thirteenth dealership, TCO has therefore scored a milestone in Toyota’s history in the Philippines. The Lady President holds the reputation as the first and only woman dealership president to date. Which bodes so well for the entire business picture as many believe that a woman heading any trade in 1997 will surely succeed.

At Toyota’s showroom and service center the TCO management and workforce offer all customers and clients the best of vehicle sales, parts and accessories sales and complete servicing jobs. With this assurance comes our personalized after-sales service.

This is Toyota’s dedication to Number 1 Quality and Number 1 Customer satisfaction which goes beyond the service and working lanes.